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April 2014

By Julia Dunbar

Julia Dunbar

The sun was warm but the wind was chill. / You know how it is with an April day. - Robert Frost’

We have got a little accustomed to those record temperatures in March that yes, that quote is true, April can be a little chilly, still too early yet to plant out those delicate specimens, but so nice to be outside and plant fairs will soon be appearing around the department. There seems to be a movement amongst gardeners to try to garden within the environment without making our presence felt too much on our surroundings, after all when we create a garden it isn’t nature’s way it is ours but there is a place for everything, we just also have to remember to leave natural areas, gardens don’t need to be ‘perfect’. It was really interesting to listen to Gilles Clément at a recent conference, a renowned gardener , (he was one of those who created the André Citroën garden in Paris)who also has a place in the Creuse, talking about his way of creating a Third Landscape, a space that allows biodiversity – all interesting stuff that we can create in a small way in our own plots of land. (look him up on internet if you’re interested).

A busy month too, with local elections taking place, some changes, no changes, good to see a number of British and Dutch people standing for election as  councillors, what better way to be involved in the community – French is a must though!

Surprising news just before the elections that the project to create an abattoir in Guéret where animals were to be killed without being stunned has been thrown in the bin, and hopefully will not be recycled.

I hope you enjoy reading this month’s Creuse News, thanks to those who have contributed, to the advertisers who continue to support us and of course to all who help deliver it and you the readers.

Have a Happy Easter, eating chocolate can be good for you (not too much though!)

‘To know a man’s library is, in some measure, to know a man’s mind.’


Julia Dunbar,


See Julia Dunbar on the recent broadcast on French television - in the channel M6 programme “100% Mag” - talking about life and work in the Creuse:

Le Limousin, nouvel eldorado des Anglais?


Haute Vienne writer James R Vance has recently brought out his latest novel, Something Old, Something New – ‘Monique decides to wear ‘something old something new, something borrowed, something blue’ for her forthcoming wedding. When she and her sister Elodie delve into the contents of their deceased grandmother’s old trunk, they release decades of secrets that had remained buried since the Second World War.’ Published by Real Time Publishing .


Marie-Martine who often organizes get togethers for people of various nationalities has suggested a Sunday lunch together in a restaurant in Gouzon on Sunday 27th April. The cost should be around 15 euros, vegetarians are very welcome. So if you are free, fancy meeting up with new people over a lunch then please get in touch with Julia at Creuse News as soon as possible:
05 55 80 98 72.

CALLING ALL BIKERS – Saturday 5th April

Brush up your motor biking skills after the winter rest, organized by the local motor bikegendarmes, these training sessions are offered free to all bikers at the site ECF, route de Saint Laurent, in order to be sure you are safe on your motorbike. Workshops include – manoeuvring, Technical check list, transporting passengers, safe riding – all free and open to everyone. Call or visit the motor bike shop, Cavert Motors in Guéret if you need more info, 9 bis av Pasteur, 05 55 52 70 10.


Do not miss all the new flights leaving from Limoges International Airport :

LIMOGES – PORTO with the Ryanair company, from July 2nd.

LIMOGES – AJACCIO with Chalair , from April 19th.

LIMOGES – AVIGNON with Chalair , from April 19th.

LIMOGES – LYON with Chalair , from April 1st .

From March 31st, all flights for the 2014 season :

with Ryanair

with Flybe

with Twinjet


Featured Article:


Maximum Recycling

The cultural and artistic centre Jean Lurcat opened its doors in Aubusson in 1981, financed by the State, the Conseil General de la Creuse and the Conseil Regional du Limousin, politician Andre Chandernagor was the driving force behind the creation of the theatre.

In 1985, the theatre adopted a new status with its aims being to diffuse all kinds of contemporary, live theatre and to be involved in the development of cultural activities bringing it to the largest public possible. In October, 1991, the Jean Lurcat theatre was named as a ‘Scene Nationale’ the only one in France, in a town of less than 10,000 inhabitants and the only one in the Limousin.

The theatre is there for you and they are fervently trying to encourage British people to at least attend one of their presentations. As Virginie, the Public Relations officer at the theatre, explained, it is not necessary to be fluent in French to enjoy the theatre, as there is such a variety of shows including dance, music, circus, puppets, some pieces of theatre which have very little text. For example during the month of April they are putting on ‘Training’ a look at the world through sport – four actors present sport in all its forms, its value, evolution, its link with politics, advertising, business, an interesting and fun way to reflect on the role of sport in life. Often the shows are put on in other towns in the Creuse, an effort to bring theatre to the people, so ‘Training’ is not only in Aubusson but also in Bourganeuf and Saint Pierre Cherignant (for full details of dates and the full programme have a look at the theatre’s website

Normally you need to reserve by phone but also if you find the phone a little difficult in French then you can reserve by email - infos@ Virginie added that if a group would like to come along (more than 8 people) then a special price can be arranged.

Just next to the theatre, the bar/restaurant l’avant scene, has been taken over by new owners and they can offer a light meal before or after a performance, making it a pleasant evening out. Also the theatre would like to organize a guided visit to the theatre for British people (non-French anyway), there will be a translation into English, just so that they can discover the place, the life of the theatre and visit behind the scenes. If you are interested in such a visit then please contact Julia at Creuse News and a date can be organized when they have an idea of how many would like to come along.

The theatre in Aubusson offers such a wide range of performances that there is something for everyone, we really can’t complain that ‘there is no culture in the Creuse’, it is there waiting for you!

scene nationale d’aubusson - theatre Jean Lurcat
Avenue des Lissiers, BP 11 - 23200 Aubusson
billetterie 05 55 83 09 09
administration 05 55 83 09 10

In Brief April 2014



Since January 1999 French law stipulates that all dogs (and cats) over the age of 4 months must be micro chipped by a veterinary surgeon (previously animals could be tattooed or chipped).  However local authorities are constantly dealing with stray dogs with no identification, making it very difficult to re-unite them with their owners.  Furthermore, if a stray dog is not claimed by his owners quite quickly (8-10 days) he runs the risk of being put to sleep as laid down by law.  We are also experiencing an increase in dog thefts (sometimes from the owner’s garden); the dog is then put up for sale on the internet or abroad.  The simple action of micro-chipping your dog will reduce the risk of losing your beloved pet forever.  Please remember to advise the Fichier National d’Identification de Carniovores Domestiques when you move house or indeed if you pass your pet on to a new owner.


MILOU is a super little wire-haired Fox Terrier.  He is 7 years old and is currently in a foster home but would dearly love to find a permanent home.  He is very sociable with other dogs and is used to cats.  He is good in the car and on the lead.  Like other terriers he can be stubborn, but can be easily persuaded with a treat – he will do anything for a titbit!  He is a lovable dog who is just looking for security in his life.  If you would like to know more about Milou, please call his Kara (who is fostering him) on 05 55 41 07 92.

(just a few kms from La Souterraine)

This is the 5th year for this event for all those passionate about nature, gardens, wildlife, crafts etc….

Sunday 11th May is the date with just about anything and everything on offer to do with the countryside and gardening, the theme this year is pollination and biodiversity and Alice in the Land of Bridereix!

Over 90 stands will be exhibiting with workshops, exhibitions, craft people, vegetable and plant growers ….

The philosophy behind this event is for you to discover and rediscover the richness of our gardens, to exchange and share knowledge and put the garden in its correct environment whether a vegetable plot, an orchard or an ornamental garden, for it to be as natural as possible and have a minimal impact on its surroundings.

Alice in the land of Bridereix is theme chosen to explain pollinisation and biodiversity an invitation to be curious, Alice had lots of imagination, she wanted to travel and discover – so this is an introduction to pollinisation by wind, water, animals , to help us discover what is around us and see the importance of the relationship between man and nature which can guarantee a stability of the ecosystem, and explain that it is up to us to be responsible eco citizens daily.

St Lèger Bridereix
05 55 89 93 11

The Fresque at Bridiers

The “spectacle” at Bridiers is an annual sound and light event in which hundreds of actors take part. Between the 1st & 4th August this year, Bridiers commemorates World War 1. In the spirit of both remembering the war and celebrating peace, Filderstdadt (La Souterraine’s twin town in Germany) and Selby (Filderstdadt’s twin town in UK) are sending people to join in.

A quick word from Sarah Collins who took part last year:

The best way to integrate is to PARTICIPATE!

When I moved to France in November 2009, I expected it to take a while to learn a new language and to become a fully integrated member of my new community.

Six months later, I participated in the rehearsals and then the Fresque at Bridiers. All of a sudden, “tout à coup” as they say here, I was totally immersed in a spectacular project. I was surrounded by welcoming and friendly French people who appreciated the effort I was making to learn their language and to participate in the success of their “Spectacle” (as the Fresque is often called).

My fellow actors were pleased to help me with the language and many of them have become friends.

I thought it would take years to achieve a sense of belonging, but in fact it took only a few months and I have the wonderful “Spectacle de Bridiers” to thank for that.”

We need actors (no experience required), male singers to be recorded in May/June singing Silent Night, accommodation for the visitors from Selby, dressers and translators to help the British actors backstage. If you can think of any other way in which you can help, we are open to all suggestions.

If you want to get involved, you can email us for more information or to volunteer to take part in some way at:

We are looking forward to your help.