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New Colour Edition - February 2015

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By Amanda Petherick

This is probably the longest editorial I will ever write – so bear with! Bear with!

First of all, I would like to start by saying that I hope all our readers had a Merry Christmas and I wish everyone the very best for 2015.

Unfortunately, I had neither a good Christmas nor a Happy New Year. My lovely mother-in-law died on the 1st December after a terrible battle with cancer, and her death was swiftly followed by my (aged) father undergoing a quadruple heart bypass (now in recovery, thank goodness).

So distribution in December was challenging, and the decision was made to restrict ‘drops’ to the largest outlets such as supermarkets and bricos, and my sincere apologies to any smaller stockists who did not receive their usual bundle of magazines.

Distribution and final editing would have been impossible without the wonderful offers of help and support I received from friends and acquaintances.............and also from wonderfully warm-hearted Creuse people, some of whom were complete strangers! The ‘thank you’ list would take up an entire page were I to mention everyone – so I am sending a huge hug of appreciation to everyone who understood and supported us through this darkest of periods, and if your offers of help were not taken up it was simply that there was no time to organise the logistics.

Apologies for the lack of service during this period - running a one-woman operation (with OH acting as unpaid “slave”) from a corner of the kitchen is normally fine until disaster strikes – then one wishes one were back working in a corporate environment with staff and deputy managers! On the good news side, I am now an Ambassador for the Limousin, and Limoges Airport now stocks the Creuse News. Copies can always be found on the “Welcome Limousin” desk (they keep top-up stock behind the desk, so if you don’t see the magazine then just ask for it).

However, If anyone could not obtain a copy of the Christmas edition, please contact me by email ( and I will do my utmost to arrange to get one to you.

Whilst in the UK, I heard the appalling news about the Charlie Hebdo massacres, then watched the terrible events of 7 – 9th January unfold on British TV. As a fellow publisher (albeit small), I would like to express my heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of those who lost their lives during this period, and my immense admiration and gratitude to the various French police forces who exhibited such courage.

Unable to attend a vigil myself during this period, I watched France with pride as millions of people of all colours, creeds, nationalities and religions unified in street vigils to display their deep sadness, and their commitment to that most precious commodity in democratic life, free speech.Creuse News is a secular, apolitical magazine, so I will keep my own opinions to a minimum; all I know in my heart is that none of this is really about religion. For thousands of years (possibly since the Bronze age) wars and conflict, deaths and acts of terrorism have been conducted in the names of various religions from Catholic to Protestantism, from Sunni to Shi’a, from Christianity to Judaism. And when disposable young men had been used and killed, when many ordinary people had lost their lives, when the fighting was finally over it, it has always become clear that those behind the attacks were simply seeking personal power, whether that be political or land-conquest.

Religion is the excuse never the reason.

I hope that France will not allow the recent atrocities to divide and conquer. Unity, tolerance and understanding are mightier than the sword.

Vive la France , and all she stands for:
Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité