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New Colour Edition - March 2015

The Sixth edition of Creuse News is now available.

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Creuse News is proud to support Charlie Hebdo - long may it continue.


(THERE WILL BE NO DISTRIBUTION 16/3/2015 IN GUERET OR N.E corner (including Bonnat and Boussac).  The rest of the Creuse has already been been stocked – SW, SE and NW + Limoges airport).

In the last twelve hours my mother, who is staying with us, has been rushed to hospital by ambulance following a seizure/possible heart attack. Ironically, she is being taken to same hospital where my father is installed following his emergency admittance two weeks ago today.

The magazines will be distributed somehow to both areas this coming week, but at this point I cannot say exactly when (probably 17/3/2015).
After this the magazine has to CLOSE temporarily for obvious reasons as explained in Editorial.

Thank you to the readers, contributors and those advertisers who sent us messages of support and offered practical help.



Creuse News is distributed in main towns and some large villages throughout the Creuse and outlying areas from 15th of every month (except January).

A list of stockists will be added to this webpage as soon as possible. In the meantime contact us at for your nearest stockist


Allô Service Public 3939

Is an information service relating to administrative matters and provided by the French government to help citizens. Give briefly the context then ask a question about - rights and obligations, obtain information, difficulties with the administration, how to ... anything which relates to the entities of the Republic, or even to the Codes of law (including the Civil Code which defines responsibilities and obligations, rights, between citizens, and is therefore part of the justice system).

Also: : the French administration's official website.


By Amanda Petherick

I hope everyone is looking forward to better weather soon, I know that I am sick to the stomach of rain, rain, rain. My front garden looks like it has hosted a 30 day Mud Wrestler’s Tournament.

Sadly, the purpose of writing this editorial is to advise you all that I have to take a break for a couple of months. Family problems have become insurmountable and I have only spent a total of 12 days in France since December 1st, which has made getting each magazine written, designed, printed and distributed a complete nightmare.

Something has to give, and I am afraid that family must come first.

This will be just a short break as I am bursting with ideas for the spring and summer season, but I need to take time out, get some things organised for my remaining old folk, and hopefully move (or at least start the process of house- moving) Creuseward. Many of my current problems will disappear if I actually live in the area!

I also want to take some time out for serious planning, and give thought to how I will run the magazine in the future, and maybe even consider whether I should publish bi-monthly or even quarterly. There is much to think about.  Feel free to write to me with any ideas or advice.

When I  re-launch it will be under a new name (although I am retaining intellectual copyright to the title ‘Creuse News’ as the new magazine will incorporate ‘Creuse News’), with a new website, new Facebook page, an increased print run,  and will cover a wider area (although always remaining Creuse-centric), therefore offering advertisers a bigger distribution area and greater exposure.

The new publication (which has been named but is, as yet, a secret!) will endeavour to keep community focussed, and it will remain as a glossy ‘magazine’ not a newspaper (which is one of the reasons behind the change of name). 

You can continue to follow us via the Facebook Page (creusenews – in the FB search bar) and our email and phone lines will remain open, and we will constantly update people on what is happening and when the new magazine is likely to appear and where (the new magazine and corresponding  website will always contain a complete list of stockists).

We do hope that readers will bear with us through this difficult time and will support our endeavours later on in 2015.  I will be returning fully-charged, and the magazine will be bigger and better.
Hugs to you all