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New Colour Edition - October / November 2014

The second edition of Creuse News is now available to download on line.

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October / November 2014

By Amanda Petherick

Welcome to the second edition of the new Creuse News.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who phoned, emailed or “facebooked” to say how much you liked the new look and content – this meant a great deal to me.

Distribution was both a pleasure and a nightmare (an incomplete list of stockists and a useless navigator!), but I hope that everyone managed to get hold of a copy of the magazine locally (if you didn’t please let me know). Despite increasing the print run we still ran out of copies due to demand and I am aware some parts of the north east corner of the department were meanly served – apologies, it won’t happen again.

We clocked up an amazing 1400 miles last month, fell completely in love with La Creuse (especially a beautiful little village called Moutier d’Ahun), and will surely be moving from Dordogneshire to the Creuse as soon as we have some time to organise a house sale and house purchase!

While out and about I listened hard to what people had to say – the clear message was that you very much want this magazine to stay Creuse-centred so we will be restricting any expansion to the “buffer zones” around the Creuse borders. 

The new magazine format was well received and I hope CN will become more and more of a vehicle for community news, events and activities......but this is a two way process so please contact us with your news, views, letters and forthcoming events.

There are so many people to thank for helping us to get the first issue out, I could fill the entire magazine with a roll-call! But extra special thanks must go to Jannie Lloyd for being a complete angel and font of local information, and to Sylvie Desplat & Ruth Kowalczyk for their patience with a new and very green editor. And I must not forget to say a huge thank you to all the advertisers who stayed with the publication despite the change in ownership – we are very grateful for the faith you have shown in us.

I would also like to thank the hundreds of you who took the time to phone or email or write to say how much you liked the new-style magazine. I don’t have a flash office or (any) staff or expensive computer equipment (I work from a corner of my kitchen pretty much 24/7), so please bear with us as we grow and improve. I will never forget the people who have been so wonderfully positive and amazingly encouraging.

Finally, a serious word on a serious subject:

I need to dispel some potentially slanderous rumours going around! It is being said, in certain places, that our ad rates have gone up 40% to pay for the colour printing. Not true! Our published ad rates have remained as those published in 2014 by the previous fact, in 50% of cases we have REDUCED prices as you will see in the evidence printed below. Same price (or less) for colour as opposed to black and white – bit of a no-brainer really!!!


STANDARD 6.5 X 8.5 cm (slightly larger than under previous owner and offered in colour at no extra cost)
1 EDITION : 30€ Same as before
3 EDITIONS : 75€ Same as before
6 EDITIONS : 140€ (10€ CHEAPER than before)
12 EDITIONS : 260€ (40€ CHEAPER than before)

LARGE 13 X 8.5 cm (slightly larger than under previous owner and offered in colour at no extra cost)
1 EDITION : 60€ Same
3 EDITIONS : 150€ Same
6 EDITIONS : 280€ Cheaper by 20€ than before
12 EDITIONS : 520€ Cheaper by 80€ than before

Additionally advertisers (3+ months) get add-on benefits absolutely free. Unlimited listings in Events Column for hospitality/entertainment type venues, free enhanced advertising on (this was previously charged as an extra) and a free two line entry on the online business page, AND a free enhanced listing on the online business directory The FrancoFile


A bientôt!

Amanda Petherick, Editor